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Instagram feed.


  • Reuben Porter-Brown started the conversation

    Hi there. I have generated a new access token, which seems to be half working. The IG account is linked but the images do not display - see attached screenshot. Any idea why this could be?

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    Elena replied

    Hello again,

    Please ensure that you have the latest theme and plugin versions running:

    1. Hemma (theme): 1.4.14

    2. Hemma Instagram Feed (plugin): 1.2.0

    For more information, please check out this article: https://opendept.ticksy.com/article/9776/ and feel free to re-open the ticket if you still have issues.

    Best, P.

  • Reuben Porter-Brown replied

    All fixed. You are a true gent Pasquale. Have a great evening.

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    Elena replied

    No worriessmile.png