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Instagram feed issues


  • Reuben Porter-Brown started the conversation

    Hi there. My Instagram feed now displays this error message - Error type: Instagram has returned invalid data.Please double check that the username you are using exists. Or contact us if you are still having troubles.

    I have generated a new access token using Instagram Basic Display API, as Legacy API is now deprecated. However, this still does not work as the Hemma Instagram API plugin uses Legacy API.

    When will you be releasing a plugin update to reflect this change?

    Many thanks.

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    Elena replied

    Hi Reuben,

    The update is already available.

    Re-download the theme from ThemeForest, it contains the new theme version (1.4.8) and a new plugin called "Hemma Instagram Feed". Install the new plugin (you can remove the previous ones), and go to the settings page.

    If you have an access token, all you need to do is pasting that into the corresponding field.

    Please let me know if that workssmile.png

    Cheers, P. 

  • Reuben Porter-Brown replied

    Hi Pasquale. I re-downloaded - it is still version 1.4.7. 

    There has been no update notification from ThemeForest either...

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    Elena replied

    Hi Reuben,

    Please try again now to download from TFsmile.png

  • Reuben Porter-Brown replied

    Fixed! Many thanks Pasquale.

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    Elena replied


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    Elena replied

    IMPORTANT NOTE for anyone else having issues with Instagram

    Please read this article before commenting or opening a new ticket: https://opendept.ticksy.com/article/9776/