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Menu links don't appear on mobile


  • Jessica McDaniel started the conversation

    My menu of "About Meow" and "Test" do not appear on the mobile version of the site - see attachment

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Jessica, 

    Menu is not visible on mobile device: That's not an issue, we chose to hide menu links on mobile devices because Retro is a one-page theme and those links are not really necessary to navigate through the blog. Ref: https://opendept.ticksy.com/article/2937/

    Cheers, P.

  • Jessica McDaniel replied

    **update - I have gone with a plugin to provide a responsive menu instead**

    Hi Pasquale,

    Can you point me to the CSS that would need to change in order to allow mobile and tablet users to get a true responsive experience? I would really appreciate it!!

  • Jessica McDaniel replied

    For all those looking for a solution to this - I recommend downloading a Plugin like WP Responsive Menu.

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    Pasquale replied