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Mobile fix


  • Ben started the conversation

    My Website looks fantastic on my cpu, but when loaded on my android galaxy s5, it doesn't show the menu options and doesn't scale my images to fit to the screen. Is there a way to make things adapt to the phone screen size? And a way to show menu options on mobile? Im not great at editing php, so I'm at a loss on what to do!

    Any help would be fantastic!!



  • Ben replied

    I just now saw that you guys hide the menu links on mobile. Thats fine with me and makes sense!

    Do you all have any input about making my images rescale to fit into view on mobile? I have the tag <center> to center the image links, but they are going off the screen on the right side, I believe, because they are too big. Is there an intuitive scale function or something?

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    Pasquale replied

    Images correctly scale on my android devices. Would you mind to attach a screenshot?

  • Ben replied

    Okay I messed around with the code a bit yesterday and I believe that fixed it. Thank you for your efforts sir! Ill mark the ticket as closed!!

    have a nice day!