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  • Julie Rosenkilde started the conversation

    Hi, sorry for all the asking ūüėȬ†

    But I can't get the Blog feed working? 

    I tried to make some different with a old date, new date, in category off course and with og without tags ? What am I doing wrong ?
    I had tried to look trough some of the closed tickets, but I didn't find any answers. 

    Best regards 

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    Pasquale replied


    That looks weird, would you mind to provide me access to your WP dashboard?

    You can share some credentials ensuring that the "PRIVATE" toggle at the bottom of the editor is ON.


  •   Julie Rosenkilde replied privately
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    Pasquale replied

    Hey Julie,

    Posts need to have a featured image to be showed in the blog feed. I've added it to one of your posts and it workssmile.png