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Page Loading Animation


  • tgfa started the conversation

    I've just started customizing the theme and have followed the documentation to install the theme, plugins, and demo content. I've also activated and updated all the plugins. However, I'm not seeing the page loading animation from the preview. Also I wanted to install the "Hemma Elegant" theme but seem to have gotten "Hemma Modern" - do I need to install the hemma-child.zip theme file instead?

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    Elena replied


    There is a setting to be enabled in the customizer to show the progress indicator screen during the page load.

    Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Layout settings, and enable the Preloader option. More info: http://docs.opendept.net/hemma/

    Also, "Elegant" and "Modern" are two configurations of the same theme. There are only a few differences (eg: font, framed layout vs. non-framed layout, et cetera). You can play with the settings in the customizer to make your theme look like the "Modern" demosmile.png

    Best, P.