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  • Tom started the conversation

    How can I add an extra class to the anchor link within the "Block Content" field for this button

    [button text="Book Now" url="#" color="none"]

    Screenshot attached

    Thank you

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    Elena replied

    Hey Tom,

    There's no such an option for button shortcode.

    You can wrap the button into a div with a class of your choice, and targeting via CSS, for example:

    <div class="your-class">[button]</div>

    and in your CSS:

    .your-class .button {}

    Best, P.

  • Tom replied

    Thank you however I believe the class needs to be added to the <a> tag as it opens a booking tool, example on homepage, see below. I need to add the class "distributor-open" as below

    <a href="#" class="distributor-open button is-white">Book a Room</a>

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    Elena replied

    Well, no need to use the shortcode then, you can directly use that codesmile.png