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Changed to main domain and broke the website


  • Regan Williamson started the conversation


    I moved the development site harbourstreetapartment.jlpdev.co.uk to the main domain harbourstreetapartment.com replacing the previous website. We search and replaced all domains, is there something hardcoded or the like that has caused sections to disappear as well as images? 

    If you can advise and get back to me ASAP that would be appreciated. 



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    Elena replied

    Hello Regan,

    It looks like theme settings were lost during the migration process, but TBH I can't say why since I have no idea how your site was looking like before, and what you did to migrate.

    Also, you didn't say if you migrated the site to a new hosting, or you pointed the DNS of http://harbourstreetapartment.com to the existing server. That makes a huge difference!

    Anyway, tThere isn't anything in our theme preventing your site from being migrating successfully to a new server. I've previously made a migration myself without incurring in issues.

    If you still have a backup of harbourstreetapartment.jlpdev.co.uk, I'd recommend to restore it and use a plugin that can assist you in the migration progress, eg: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/

    Best, P.

  • Regan Williamson replied

    Thank you for the quick reply. I restored the backup and have managed to migrate it this time. Took it step at a time and seems to work. No idea what went wrong last time - was just wanting to know if it was down to something in the theme I had missed or not. Thanks again Pasquale! 

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    Elena replied

    Glad it worked!