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Map Changes + Header size


  • Regan Williamson started the conversation

    Hi again, 

    Have some feedback from a client in relation to the website and I wasn't sure how to go about these fixes. 

    The map - can the marker have a caption/title? The current map without it makes it look like it is based at Fort Charlotte but they are streets apart.

    The header - there is an option to make the logo bigger but doesn't make a difference? How can I make the logo bigger?



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    Elena replied

    Hello Regan,

    There isn't such an option for maps, I am sorry.

    As for the logo, you can easily make it "wider" but not "taller". For more information: https://opendept.ticksy.com//ticket/2455437/

    Best, P.

  • Regan Williamson replied

    Hi Pasquale, 

    Thanks for letting me know. I will see if I can work out this header. Also - is there an option to make the header central? I had expected it to be an option but I see it is not. Is there code or the like? Also internal pages - the margins are quite large, is there guidance on fixing that? Thanks again! 

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    Elena replied

    Go here: http://harbourstreetapartment.jlpdev.co.uk/wp-admin/customize.php and you'll find 4 header options  under "Header settings". 

    Best, P.