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  • John Bartholdsson started the conversation


    I cannot make the logo become a "link" so when you press it you get to the home page. Both in header and footer

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    Elena replied

    Hi John,

    Do you have a live URL to be checked out?


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    Elena replied

    Hello John,

    It seems that your WordPress is not outputting the bloginfo( 'name' ), and your anchor tag is empty (screenshot).

    There might be 2 reasons:

    1. You manipulated the theme files (and I'd not recommend such a practice)

    2. You are using a third-party plugin that, for some reason, interferes with that function.

    So, first of all, ensure that you are using the official theme release. If the issue remains, try disabling all plugins one-by-one to find out what's the culprit. I suspect that a third-party plugin is adding a filter that overrides the normal output of bloginfo(). For more info about filters: https://www.alexgeorgiou.gr/use-wordpress-bloginfo-filter-add-html-markup/

    Please let me know if you need more assistance.


  • John Bartholdsson replied

    Hello again.

    Now I found out what was wrong. I had not put a name in the "website identity". Please see attached photo. 

    And I forgot to sy how nice your theme is! As a swede I like the nordic references in the "mock webpage"

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    Elena replied

    Hey John,

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Best, P.