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Hemma and Wordpress 5.6


  • Edgar Mall started the conversation

    Hallo! First thank you for the nice and clean theme we like it very much!

    But since the last update to Wordpress 5.6 we have different problems with the website, the content or pictures are not loading only a white background is displaying and the loading was stoped. We have found a problem with the JQuery functions on the theme. Beacause the problem was still there when all plug ins are deactivated. Now we return to the old version of WP and it works well but please can you give us a solution about WP 5.6. Thank you for your help!

    Kind regards


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    Elena replied


    Our demos run on WP 5.6 and there is no issue: http://themes.opendept.net/hemma-elegant/

    Can you please provide any evidence of issues? A live URL?

    Thanks, P.

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    Elena replied

    Hi, you're right there was an issue. It's been resolved with Hemma 1.4.13. Best, P.

  • Edgar Mall replied

    Thank you Pasquale for the quick replay and fix for WP 5.6

    Best Edgar : )

  • Jose replied

    Hello, sorry to bother you. So this means it's safe to upgrade to WP 5.6? I'm afraid of upgrading it and losing or damaging the website. I've spent pleny of hours to make all the content, and don't want to loose it. Thank You.

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    Elena replied

    Hello Jose,

    Nothing should break unless you made some changes to the main theme. BTW we always recommend a backup before updating anything.

    Best, P.