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Adding content to 'portfolio' page


  • bucknerweb started the conversation

    Hello, I'm using the portfolio template to make a page for my YT videos, I'd like to add some text to that page also alerting visitors they can go to my YT channel to see the full library. When I add content to the page, only the video thumbnails are there. Also, I turned on sidebars (hoping to use a widget to add the link as an alternative), but the sidebar doesn't show either. (the box is unchecked to 'block' the sidebar in options).

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    Elena replied

    Hello again,

    There's no option for that, I am sorry. What you can do:

    - Activate the child theme
    - Copy the template-portfolio.php (and, eventually, the part-portfolio.php file) from the parent theme into the child theme folder
    - Add your custom content somewhere in one of the files above

    Hope that helpssmile.png

    Best, P.

  • bucknerweb replied

    Thank you! I decided as a quick fix just ot do that section as a "content" section and add some shortcode to lay out my vids in a grid.

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    Elena replied

    Sounds goodsmile.png