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New Instagram API


  • Stef started the conversation

    I'm having issues with the Instagram Feed Block Type. It's no longer showing my photos (it was previously) and it displays the following warning:

    Error type: Instagram has returned invalid data.Please double check that the username you are using exists. Or contact us if you are still having troubles.

    I've tried looking for support tickets regarding this issue, but all the replies mention the legacy Instagram API and how you can use it to get an access token. Since the legacy API will be deprecated June 29th, I've tried getting an access token through the new API, by following the instructions in this video.

    Although I've successfully gained an access token, and have entered it in the Hemma Instagram API settings, it still doesn't show my photos and shows the warning that Instagram has returned invalid data.

    Do you have any instructions how I can solve this issue? Thanks!

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    Elena replied

    Hi Stef,

    Did you remove the previous Hemma Instagram plugin? You should only keep the Hemma Instagram API plugin.

  • Stef replied

    Hi Pasquale, I've disabled the Hemma Instagram plugin before I've submitted this ticket, yeah. It's not removed yet, but I'd figure that isn't necessary. Any tips how I can debug this issue? Appreciate it!

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    Elena replied

    Have you been using the latest theme version? It should be v1.4.7

  • Stef replied

    I have.

    The child theme is activated (v1.0.0) and is using the parent theme (v1.4.7). I'm using Hemma Instagram Api (v1.0.0), CMB2 (v2.7.0) and Kirki Customizer Framework (v3.1.3).

    Maybe I'm entering the access token in the wrong place? If I go to Settings > Hemma Instagram, it mentions that I should have activated the Hemma Instagram plugin, which is confusing to me.

    Should I have entered the access  token somewhere else?

  •   Stef replied privately
  • Stef replied

    I looked into it myself, and when I var_dump the $response variable it mentions that the provided access_token is invalid. And when I look at line 214 you still use the v1 Instagram API, which is going to be deprecated at the end of this month. Do you have an update to this Instagram API plugin? It's probably not much use for me to get this working with the old API since it will break June 29th.

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    Elena replied

    Hey Stef,

    Yes, we should probably need to release an update soon, so that's going to be a temporary fix. Anyway, it is supposed to work if you generate a valid access token. 

    Cheers, P.