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  • Daniel started the conversation


    I´m developing my web page with your template, and i found some issues (i don´t want to solve):

    - One page Menu: links don´t work, and i have configured slugs according links, please could you help me to have all links in one page format?

    - Fonts. How i can change fonts using google fonts and edit the size and color?

    - Widgets. I removed widgets from menu, but the template is keeping the blank space, i want to remove the widget area.

    - Logo. I uploaded the logo, bit it seems very far from menu, is possible to remove this distance??

    - Images. The images are very big, for example in this url: https://klabtraining.com/metodos/k-lab-30/ i tried to escale the image, but it doesn´t works like i want, how i can make smaller (for example like slider in home page)

    I bought the template two weeks ago if you need some additional information, please contact me,

    Thanks in advance,


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    Elena replied

    Hello Daniel,

    - Menu links are not properly configured. Please see "The Menu" chapter in the documentation included in the file that you have downloaded from ThemeForest

    - You are allowed to change the body and secondary fonts only. Go to Theme Options -> Styling and import the font you want to display, for example: 
    if you wish to replace Roboto with Open Sanssmile.png

    - Theme Options -> Extras -> CSS Code and paste:
    .blog .blog-list.col-9, .single .col-9 { width: 100%; }

    - No, menu is aligned to right

    - Images are full-width by default, I am sorry. I'd recommend that you crop your images before uploading them into WordPress.

    Cheers, P.