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Map Saga


  • Jose started the conversation


    Jusst found Ultimate Maps by Supsystic plugin. It's amazing! And OpenStreet! without Google Maps API "pricing"

    The reason i'm taking this ticket, is because i just found out also that i can use "custom block" (it on my front all the time). Sorry for that. But has you can see, the map doesn't really go to the edge of border (margin:0) and the title is white.

    Can't seem to find or understand which class i should use from the theme:

    - for block title (tried the block-text) and no go.

    - for margin 0

    Afraid of damaging the template.

    Can you help at least show me which class i should trigger the custom.css?

    Thank you

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    Elena replied

    Hey Jose,

    This CSS should fix it:

    #where-we-are .is-text-light h2,
    #where-we-are .block-title,
    #where-we-are .block-subtitle {
        color: #3e6d3d;

    #where-we-are .container {
        padding-left: 0;
        padding-right: 0;

    #where-we-are .block-text {
      padding-bottom: 0;

  • Jose replied

    thank you so much!