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Google Maps


  • Jose started the conversation


    Is there an option to choose the type of Map?

    I just saw that Java type requires Google payment: 0.007 USD per each since it's a SKU Dynamic Map

    If i want a Place Mode https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/embed/guide#place_mode 

    how does the template handles it, or it's a WP embed option only?

    thank you

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    Elena replied

    Hey Jose,

    I am afraid there is not such an option, I am sorryfrown.pngYou might need to edit a few theme files in order to get more control on maps but, unfortunately, we are unable to provide support on theme customisations.

    Cheers, P.

  • Jose replied

    I have found a good plugin. Easy map's. Seems to do what o want although without the "theme customisation". Function following form here. Without java no way to customize. For this website no problem. Although I enjoy more your concept

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    Elena replied

    Cool, thank you for suggesting!