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  • Jose started the conversation


    I'm a bit rusty on wordpress but catching up. Trying to use the PolyLang recommendation.

    1. Basically when i "create" the new language it doesn't copy the "original language content" - is there a way to do it? is this issue also related to the template?

    2. if i use the "Lingotek Translation" automatic, uploading and downloading, it looses the "title and background hero image" configuration. also seems to lose the font-type. 

    ML from a practical sense, i thought it would be easier, just like cloning and i would translated myself. I'm more used to Joomla. Maybe i'm missing something here.

    3. Non topic related. How do i make a hemma-icon bigger? How do i put more icons? Is there a list i can fetch the code? If i want to have a icon-phone or something.

    Thank You

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    Elena replied

    Hi Jose,

    I see your point and configuring a multilanguage site might not be as easy as you expect but, unfortunately, that's how Polylang (and not the theme) works. So I am afraid I can't really do anything to help you. For more information: https://polylang.pro/doc-category/getting-started/

    You can make hemma icons bigger via CSS (Customize -> Additional CSS). Use this:

    .hemma-icon { width: 24px !important; height: 24px !important; }

    Cheers, P.

  • Jose replied



    The website is taking shape.

    I've added a button block on bottom of homepage. 

    Check it at quintadaboucabio.com/_v001/

    Would nice to have a symbol instead like the scroll mouse option. But this time going up with a smooth scroll. All the way to the beginning. 

    Or maybe this option is pointless these days. I'm outdated.

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    Elena replied

    Hello again,

    There isn't any available option for that, I am sorry. 

    You can definitely do that, but it requires that you enable the child theme and add some custom code. Unfortunately we are unable to provide support on theme customisations.

    For more questions, please open a new ticket.

    Cheers, P.

  • Jose replied

    Yes, i know.

    I'm starting to know the choices that were made on the template.

    Really good choices. 

    The template doesn't require to be fully customizable or have more variables.

    You've done a good template. Loving it!

    All my questions and future ones, that may resemble to ask to customize please read them as future ideas, or my observations regarding.

    I'm starting to know more even WP. And starting to use plugins (with carefull choosing not to overload or made more slow the page)

    Thank you!!!

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    Elena replied

    Thank you for your feedback!