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room gallery


  • leigh started the conversation

    Hi I have created a new room gallery for the url provided however once the image thumbnails are clicked on , the pop up has no navigation to the next gallery image nor can I escape from that large image other than using the back arrow in the browser. please help :) 

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    Elena replied

    Please ensure to enable lightbox galleries in the theme options (see the docs, Lightbox galleries chapter: http://docs.opendept.net/hemma/).

    In case it still doesn't work, maybe the setting has not been saved in the database.

    Switch off and save, then switch on and re-save. That should do the trick!

  • leigh replied

    Beautiful! Thanks Pasquale.

  • Emanuel replied

    Grazie Pasquale, it works!!

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    Elena replied

    No worriessmile.png