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Booking calendar


  • Carola paas started the conversation

    hi, I’m thinking about to buy this theme, but is there a booking calendar available for costumers to see when my room is available? 

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    Elena replied

    Hello Carola,

    There is not such a built-in feature, I am sorry. Hemma is a theme for showcasing your guesthouse only, if you need any extra functionality (e.g. a booking system) you might need to customise the theme.

    Cheers, P. 

  • Carola paas replied

    Okay thank you! So it means I have to buy an booking plugin and implement it the theme?

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    Elena replied

    No, I didn't say that.

    There are many plugins that you can try out to extend the theme functionalities; they need to be tested and I am unable to ensure that they are fully compatible with theme. Also, you might need to make some changes to the theme files, and we are unable to provide support on theme customisations.

    Hope that makes sensesmile.png 

    Cheers, P.