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  • Rachael Bradley started the conversation

    Hi there,

    I have just translated my site using the free version of Polylang. It worked really well, but I have just a couple of sections that don't appear to allow translation and I wanted to check this with you.

    The main issue is I would like to translate the Guest Book to have reviews filtered by English/Spanish/French. However when I go into the guest posts section, there isn't the option to add translations. Could you suggest any solution please?

    Also a very small thing but can you have translations of the prompt text in the contact form?

    Thank you, Rachael

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    Elena replied

    Hello Rachel,

    Did you enable translation for Guest Posts? Go to Languages -> Settings -> Custom post types and Taxonomies and ensure that Guest Post is enabled.

  • Rachael Bradley replied

    Brilliant thank you, no I did not have it enabled.

    Thanks, Rachael