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Pictures not showing on mobile


  • KristjanFannar started the conversation

    I have been using the Hemma theme and am very happy with it. 

    When I wanted to add pictures to the content part of a "page with hero" the pictures are visible on a desktop and iPad but don't show up in mobile...?

    It feels like am missing some simple setting - could you please help.

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    Elena replied

    Hey there,

    Do you have a live example to show?


  • KristjanFannar replied


    In desktop the pictures in the text are showing, but not in mobile.

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    Elena replied

    Not sure to understand... I am checking your site on mobile and I cannot find any issue. Can you please provide more details or maybe, a screenshot?


  • KristjanFannar replied

    Off course. Here is the same page as previously described in desktop and in mobile. By some reason the pictures aren't showing in the mobile version..?

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    Elena replied

    I am just re-checking and I ave to admin that something wrong is happening. Looks like that outputted HTML is different for mobile version of your site (see screenshots).

    There isn't any function in Hemma theme generates a different output for the site mobile version, so it might be a plugin issue. I would recommend to deactivate all plugins and see if the issue goes away. If so, activate them one by one to find the culprit.

  • KristjanFannar replied

    Very interesting scenario... However it's working now! Thanx

    I deactivated the "Asset optimisation engine" within the Hummingbird plugin, and then the pictures showed up in mobile view.

    However in order to check if that really was the problem I turned it on again. By some reason the "optimisation engine" is running as before AND the pics are showing..?

    Thanks for the help anyway, and I will turn eventual plugins ON/OFF prior to contact next time ;)

    Btw - love the theme

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    Elena replied

    Glad that worked! Sometimes plugins are very invasive and might cause troubles.

    Cheers, P.