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Google maps integration


  • Stijn Sanders started the conversation


    Since recently the Google Maps integration (MAP - Split Block from HEMA theme) is showing a bug on our website: "This page didn't load Google Maps correctly", whereas this bug didn't exist before with the same configuration.

    I tried installing a WP Google Maps plugin to register my Google Maps API, but doesn't solve the issue. 

    Is there a specific configuration for the HEMA theme to be done ? (as I research the web the issue should be related to change in Google policy requiring a registered API). How do I include the API in the coding for the HEMA Split Map building block?

    Or is the issue different?

    Our website : www.maisonlegarochet.fr

    thanks for your feedback!


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    Elena replied


    Unfortunately Google API became more restrictivefrown.png 

    Please see screenshot: "You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project".

    Please check out his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faZhFVRbswo or this blog post https://swapps.com/blog/setting-up-your-billing-account-on-google-maps-and-avoiding-extra-charges/ I am sure they will help you what to do to make maps work again.

    Cheers, P.

  • Stijn Sanders replied


    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Works fine again.

    In fact a billing account was created, but the 12 month free trial period ended. The services I'm using for the project continue to be free of charge but the billing option now has to be activated. One mouse-click.. Simple, but it was not so clear at first from the error message and since my Google Cloud Platform invoice continued to show 0 charges.. .



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  • dariodeleonardis replied

    Hi. Got the same issue on my site here https://www.masseria-serralta.it/contatti/

    Google does not accept my debit card in the Cloud platform billling options, so I'm stuck. 

    Any workaround?

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    Elena replied

    Hi Dario, 

    Unfortunately I can't help, I am sorry. That's not a theme-related issue so I can't advicefrown.png

    Cheers, P.