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Google Maps API


  • Rogier started the conversation


    I requested and received an API key for using Google Maps and filled it in in the Maps-section of the Customizer. Apparently this key should also be put in the theme's code somewhere but I don't know where.

    All I want is the same nice map layout as you have in your demo version. Unfortunately I don't know anything about code, hence my question.

    Can you tell me where to insert the API key to make it work?

    Thanks, Rogier

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Rogier,

    The theme options can be found in Appearance - Customize. Please remember that most of the options will not work unless you install the Kirki Toolkit plugin. That's all, no need to add the API key in the codesmile.png 

    For more information: http://docs.opendept.net/hemma/

    It seems that you are having issues with your API key (see screenshot), please ensure that the key is valid.


    Cheers, P.