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availability calendar, booking request via email


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    I am thinking about using this theme for a new website project, a few questions in advance.

    My customer has 2 appartments for rent.

    On the website he wants that the visitors will be able to see an availability calendar with all available dates.

    I imagine a section with a calendar on the home page where the user can select a time period (generally, not for one of the two apartments). Unavailable days should not be selectable.

    After selecting the from-to time frame they should additionally fill out a small contact form (Name, email address, comment), then submit the booking request where the picked date should already be included. (no reservation, no booking functionality wanted).

    It would be good to have the possibility to enter different pricings for different time periods (eg. depending on the season).

    And my customer wants to update the availability calendar manually.

    Is this possible with this theme?

    Is there a possibility to try out the theme in advance before I decide to buy it?

    Best regards and thank you in advance.


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    Pasquale replied


    I am afraid you need to install a third-party plugin covering your needs (I am not sure you'll find one) or, alternatively, you might need some theme customisations.

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide support on theme customisation, I am sorry, but you may want to look at Envato Studio (https://studio.envato.com/) if you're looking for someone who can help youwink.png

    Cheers, P.