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  • Janco147 started the conversation


    My sub-menu items are not showing in Retro theme. Couldn't  find anything in the documentation about this.

    So... how do I get menu sub-items to show?


    Janco van der Kaaden

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Janko,

    Retro doesn't support submenus, sorry! f you have more questions don't hesitate to asksmile.png

    Cheers, P.

  • Janco147 replied

    Eh... right

    I would have liked to know befóre I spent $40 on this theme...?

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi again Janco,

    I see your point but sub-menus are not a mandatory feature for a theme, and demo isn't displaying anything that would someone suppose that Retro provide such a feature. Sorry for your disappointment. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

    Cheers, P.

  • Janco147 replied

    Hi Pasquale,

    I disagree: I think standard Wordpress functionality is a mandatory feature for any theme. Anyway.

    I'm not sure this is the theme for this project. I'll get back to my client.