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  • Lisa started the conversation

    How do I remove previous and next event.

    How do I change the type size in H1 and H2

    How do I link a gallery image to a page

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    Elena replied

    Hi Lisa,

    1. This has already been answered, please look at this ticket: https://opendept.ticksy.com//ticket/1428829

    2. That should be done via CSS (Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS). For example:

    h1 { font-size: 42px; }

    3. Unfortunately that's how WordPress works. I'd recommend to try installing a plugin like this to add custom links to gallery images: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gallery-custom-links/

    Hope that helpedwink.png P.

  • Lisa replied

    Thank you, but on question 2. How do you change the leading of h1

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    Elena replied

    Hi again Lisa,

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide full support on theme customisations but I'll try to point you on the right tracksmile.pngyou just need to set a new font size property to the element that you want to edit, for example:

    h1 { font-size: 42px; }

    In any case, I'd recommend to use the Chrome inspector to target a specific HTML tag if needed: 

    Cheers, P.