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  • Lisa started the conversation

    1. Guest Book

    How do you remove the circles of faces on the guest book.

    Thank you

    2. Main featured images

    Are you able to make this a carosel, if not can we pay for this, how much would would it cost.

    The images within the gallery are not working even if you make sure they are square.  The first image fills the width and so forth, even if you have chosen 4 in a row it will not do this.

    3. Mobile Version

    Can you edit this, as there are number of issues that the text is not going small enough to allow the text to flow in one word.

    what text would I put in to change this

    eg. Montenegr


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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Lisa,

    1. This has already been answered here: https://opendept.ticksy.com//ticket/1424978/

    2. Hemma theme doesn't come with any built-in carousel but you can use galleries as shown here: http://themes.opendept.net/hemma-elegant/room/kungsorn/ (refer to the documentation). Unfortunately we do not provide customisation services but you may want to have a look at Envato Studio: https://studio.envato.com/

    3. You could reduce font-size via CSS (Customizer -> Additional CSS)

    Cheers, P.