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  • Rachael Bradley started the conversation

    Hi Pascale,

    I noted that I need to update the theme to 1.4.3

    I have tried to do this today, downloaded it from theme forest, uploaded the zip file to wordpress, but get an error message that the bundle is missing a CSS style sheet so the installation failed. Please can you help?



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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Rachel,

    Maybe you've uploading the whole package. Uncompress the file that you've downloaded from ThemeForest: you will find the theme's files inside that

    Cheers, P.

  • Rachael Bradley replied

    Sorry this is quite new to me so I am still struggling. I have unzipped the files and have the Hemma zip file (1.4.4) (not the child version as I am unsure what this is?) I clicked on the install theme and upload, but don't see a message to upgrade an existing theme, just an error message staying the destination folder already exists (screen grab attached). Do I need to delete the old one? I am nervous to do this in case it's the wrong thing! Thanks in advance for your help! Rachael

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Rachel,

    You should delete the old theme version before. Or you can use FTP to overwrite theme files. Please refer to the documentation to know more about updating a theme.

    Cheers, P.