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Small Responsive Version issues


  • Pierre started the conversation

    Hi Pasquale,

    Website is almost finished.

    One of my last questions.

    In responsive version, I have a few issues. I installed an info bar at top of the page, but i don't think it's the reason of all issues

    - For the 1st custom split block, we can not see the call for action button ,

    - I have a lot of text for the google map section. I'd like to set up the text and the CTA button below the map as it's really not nice this way,

    - For "what to do around" title", is it possible to have it at the top of the 3 pictures and not below it as this is now ?

    Otherwise, everything is perfect ^^

    Attached files:  Responsive Version (Hemma Template).png

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi again Pierre,

    Unfortunately I am unable to debug any issue unless looking at the code. In any case, I'd recommend that you try disabling any third-party plugin to find out what's wrong: in case you're still having troubles, then it could be a theme-related issue. Feel free to reopen this ticket for updates.

    Cheers, P.