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Contacto Form


  • Nicolas started the conversation


    Is it possible to insert a basic contact form inside the full background block ? thanks

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    Pasquale replied


    Theoretically it's possible but it may require some CSS tweaksYou can try creating a form with CF7 plugin and add the shortcode inside the block.


  • Nicolas replied

    Hi pasquale thanks for responding me. I made a form with CF7 and I put the shortcode inside the block but it's doesn't appear yet.  The block show me only de text " [contact-form-7 id="673" title="Contact Us"] " not the form.  I think that's not a css problem but rather ignores the shortcodes. Please help me :) 

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Nicolas,

    That should work, please make sure to update the theme to latest version (i.e. v1.3.0). In case it doesn't, please provide your URL.