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Back to a section with an item menu from a page


  • Alain started the conversation

    When I'm on any page and want to go back to a section of the homepage with
    one of the items on the main menu, I go back to the home page but not to
    the beginning of the selected section.
    Would you have a suggestion to fix this?
    Thank you
    Ps: my English is very poor I hope I have correctly expressed

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Alain,

    Let's say you want to link to the portfolio section of your homepage, here's the link: https://cine-in-side.fr/#portfolio

    Hope that helps

  • Alain replied

    thank you for your quick reply

    I think I expressed myself badly
    if I am on the page https://cine-in-side.fr/seances/ and I click on the main menu item #seances to
    return to the section "SEANCES" of my homepage, I do not return to the beginning of this section.

    I hope to have been clearer

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    Pasquale replied

    Gotcha! I've tried to replicate the issue but it works for me. Please see the screencast: https://cl.ly/1z453m0Q0i3W

  • Alain replied

    Did you also test with the page Portfolio and #portfolio and between the Seances page and #portfolio?
    Does your configuration work?

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    Pasquale replied

    Yes, absolutelyPlease have a look at the screencast: https://cl.ly/1W1N1P2h0I0Z

  • Alain replied

    Hello Pascale,

    I allow you to attach a video capture of the synchronization problem back to the Portfolio section.


    Please note that this is the same behavior on the following platforms:
    Tablet android 4.2.2
    Mac OS X
    PC windows 7

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    Pasquale replied


    I've tested it again on multiple devices and bowsers and I am totally unable to reproduce the issue, I am sorry. Please make sure to update your bowser to the latest version, just in case.

    For example, here's how the site looks on an IPad 2: https://cl.ly/0d2E0Y2L0F1s 

  • Alain replied

    In fact Pasquale is right.

    This is a compatibility problem with the browser.FIREFOX
    With IE 11 and SAFARI 10.0.3 it's OK
    But with FIREFOX 51.0.3 or 51.0.1 or 53.0.2 it's not good
    The problem is even more blatant when you are under Wordpress environment in preview.
    Attached is a video capture.


    Is the theme not announced as compatible with IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome?

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    Pasquale replied

    Unfortunately this seems to be an issue related to Firefox, there's nothing we can do on our side, I am sorry.

    For any other question related to the theme don't hesitate to open a new ticket


  • Alain replied

    Thank you Pasquale, so I will open a new ticket to Firefox so that their next version adapts to the theme.

    Sory but I don't like