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Mobile Menu


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    Luke Munn started the conversation

    Hey, how is the mobile menu supposed to work on Velo? Is there one or am I missing something? When I use Device Emulation, the desktop/tablet menu completely disappears, without being replaced by any sort of 'burger' or alternative. If this theme is responsive, it should have responsive navigation too, right? 

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Luke,

    As you probably know, there are two kinds of menus:

    1) one is on the front page (each menu item corresponds to each section the front page is made of) (e.g. http://themes.opendept.net/velo/);

    2) it's displayed on any other page, and you can edit that from Appearance -> Menus (e.g. http://themes.opendept.net/velo/creative-sketches/)

    Said that, there's no hamburger menu for (1) by design, basically because that page is made of full screen sections and we think mobile users don't really need a menu on that page because they can scroll to view sections. Hope that clears it up