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homepage scrolling
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    Pasquale replied

    Perfect, thanks for understanding!


  • Luke Munn replied

    Hi Pasquale, I think this can be closed now - no more support required. Thanks for the initial steer. :-) Thought I'd just update for anyone else looking to make this tweak. -cheers, Luke

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Luke,

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide full support on theme customisations, I am sorry, but I'll try to have a look at your fix as soon as I get some spare time!


  • Luke Munn replied

    OK think I figured it out, basically you just have to comment out all the references to 'plugin' along with the one Pasquale mentioned.

    Due to the way the code is structured (IF one liners, don't know proper coding term), you'll need to add brackets around a couple blocks, e.g.


    li.on( "click", function() {
    if ( ! $( this ).hasClass("velo-top") ) 
      plugin.jump( "#" + $( this ).attr("id") )
    } )


    if ( ! $( this ).hasClass("velo-top") ) {
    //plugin.jump( "#" + $( this ).attr("id") )
    // do nothing

    This seems to give a standard height (just using 1 Homepage 'section' now) page that scrolls on tablet, mobile and desktop, without any errors in the Inspector. Any tweaks or feedback welcome.

  • Luke Munn replied

    hey Pasquale, thanks for the response. 

    this starts to get there but after scrolling down a little, the sections 'jump' back upwards suddenly.

    with the inspector I notice the X Ys of the divs are still being tracked (see screenshot). previously they got a hidden class if they reached a certain position, now they don't disappear but still seem to be getting jumped back up by a script. do you know what script is doing this? 

    cheers, Luke

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    Pasquale replied

    Hi Luke,

    There's no such an option, I am sorry, but I'll try to put you on the right track:

    1) Custom CSS:

    .js.no-touch .sections > li { position: relative; top: auto; left: auto; min-height: none; }

    2) Unfortunately that's not enough, you should disable the curtain effect. You can try removing the line of code in green from velo.home.js file (see screenshot), that should work though we've not tested yet.

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  • Luke Munn started the conversation

    Hey there, velo is really great overall but I really would like to disable the 'parallax' style scrolling effect on the homepage. Is there an option to disable this and just have a basic 'long' page without the div/cover section 'reveals'? Or alternatively is there some CSS or javascript code I could tweak? -best, Luke