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1. Hemma - Knowledge Base

1. Hemma - Knowledge Base

If this is your first time with our support:

  1. Please make sure you read the documentation included into the zipped folder that you have downloaded from Themeforest
  2. After this, please search our tickets to see if your question is already answered
  3. If you can't find your answers, please post a new ticket on the support forums, after verifying your purchase code (left side panel)
  4. For browsing the tickets on our previous support system, please click here (Remember that you need to sign up that forum too; even if the system tells you it won't accept your purchase code, try to log in with your credentials, it should work. Please also remember you are not allowed to open tickets on our old support forum).

How to fix the Instagram feed

As of June 29th, 2020, the Instagram platform has deprecated its API.

We have prepared a video tutorial showing how to make the Instagram feed work again. View the YouTube tutorial or keep reading.

Update the theme and install the new plugin

To make your theme display the Instagram pictures again, you need to:

Where do I get an Access Token?

There are more tutorials showing how to get an Access Token, for example:



Once you obtain that, all you need to do is copy and paste the Access Token into the Hemma Instagram Feed settings page, and save.

Instagram feed stopped work again?

If the Instagram feed stopped working again, that might be due to expired access token. In that case, please try generating a new access token and see if it works. 

After re-generating the access token, you need to update the theme and the Instagram plugin to avoid experiencing the "expired token" issue again. So, re-download the theme from ThemeForest, ensure to install the latest theme version (v1.4.11 or more). The new theme version should require you to update the Hemma Instagram Feed plugin to v1.2.0. Update the plugin.

If images are broken, go to Settings -> Hemma Instagram Feed, and click on "Save Changes".

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